Water / Sewer Documents & Policies

The District is using this page to keep customers up to date on how to apply for a water and sewer connection.  The applicant is responsible for reading all related documents, policies, and resolutions that pertain to applying for a water and sewer connection.  We have provided a link to those documents on this page.

If you have questions or comments, please call the district office during hours of operation.

The District held allocations in Sep 2019 (54 ERUs purchased), May 2020 (2 emergency ERUs allocated)  July 2020 (12 ERUs purchase), Oct 2020 (9 ERUs purchased),  Mar 2021 (10.57 ERUs purchased) and June 2021 (3.0 ERUs purchased).  At this time the District has a total of 66.43 ERUs that could be made available for a future allocation.

The District plans to hold allocations during June and October of 2021 but reserves the right to cancel or postpone future allocations.  The District will be monitoring water usage closely and making system repairs as needed.  Water conservation is the key to the availability of additional water availability in 2021-2022.

Update: Hope to have the next allocation in October 2021 and hope to have 66.43 ERUs available.  

Water & Sewer Connection Rates