Res 2019-09 Water Moratorium Extension


Water Moratorium Extended until Sept 13,2019

The District will continue to evaluate water usage on a daily basis between today and the Sep 13, 2019 deadline.  This six month period will provide the District the time needed to work on water conservation projects and time to continue to negotiate several projects with government agencies that may provide moratorium relief.

The District has submitted a water rights transfer request to the DOE in King County.  If approved, this will move/combine two water rights into one water right and thus the District would have access to more water rights.  This may also allow the District to have an allocation of water connections for sale to the public.  We have asked the DOE to expedite this request.

The District continues to encourage customers to conserve water by repairing leaks on their service line between the meter and the house, and internal plumbing such as running toilets.  Once the snow melts, the District will complete the installations of new more precise water meters and repair leaks on the water distribution system.

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