January 1, 2022 Rate Increases

On 10/25/21 the Commissioners passed resolution 2021-16 monthly water & sewer rates and 2015-17 miscellaneous fees & charges.  The new rates and fee schedules can be found on the District web site.

The breakdown of the $26.15 increase per equivalent residential unit (ERU).

  • $5.00 water ERU base charge
  • $2.00 sewer ERU charge
  • $4.15 state taxes
  • $15.00 sewer capital reimbursement fee

$95.00 single family min charge in 2021

$121.15 single family min charge in 2022

  • Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) – the average flow
  • ERU is 300 cu ft per month
  • Sewer Capital Reimbursement Fee is to make the USDA loan payment on the new wastewater plant phase 1 system.
  • The District currently serves 692 customers
  • There are currently 100 single family homes, 9 multifamily, and 2 commercial accounts that have paid to connect but have yet to build.
  • There are approx.. 265 lots that have access to water/sewer but yet to purchase a connection.
  • The growth rate is 27% over the past 6 years

The District will have a public hearing in the first quarter of 2022 to discuss the connection fee increases that are needed.

Please contact the office at 425.434.6600 or customercare@snopass.org if you have any questions.

Jan 1, 2022 Rate Increase Breakdown

2022 Single Family Rates

2022 Commercial-Motel-Multi-Family Rates

Res. 2021-16 Water & Sewer Monthly Rates

Res. 2021-17 Misc Fees & Charges