Attention Snoqualmie Pass property owners.  Please complete the residency survey as the District in conducting the survey to confirm the percentage of full-time and part time residents.

The District will ask that Condominium managers forward the survey onto their individual condo owners.   Also ask the landlords pass the survey on to their tenants.

We greatly appreciate your response!


Lets discuss what it means to be a full-time resident.  The State defines residency as living somewhere for more than 180 days per year.  The District asks that you please consider these questions:  Is this my only home?  Or is this my second home?  If you own two homes, which one is your primary home?  It is important to answer this residency question honestly as the income survey is only for full-time residents. Lets also define resident- this is the person residing in the home or the condo.  Landlords, please pass the survey on to your tenants.  Condo managers, please pass onto the individual condo owners.

The District is currently working on water and wastewater projects for a total cost of approx. $38 million. Of this, approx. $30 million will be borrowed in the form of a loan to various agencies for term of 20-40 years.

Why is the District doing a residency and income survey?  To prove that after construction the sewer rate would be a financial hardship for a full-time resident.  If a financial hardship can be proven (a lower median household income) then the District could be eligible for up to a $5 million forgivable loan.

What does a $5 million forgivable loan mean for a resident?  This could result in a savings of approx. $5,000 per household over the 30-year term.