District Suspends Chlorination


SPUD E-NEWS OCT 21, 2019


The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District (SPUD) has received Department of Health Drinking Water Division’s (DOH) support to suspend chlorination of the potable water system. As of October 21, 2019, the chlorine has been turned off. It may take several weeks or months for the chlorine to dissipate and the taste and turbidity to clear up. District staff has been monitoring the system closely since January 2018 and will continue to do more testing than the DOH requires during this transition to ensure that the water continues to be safe to drink.

Historically the District has not chlorinated the water system. The current chlorination started January 27, 2018 after a large leak caused the potable water system to depressurize. Due to the loss of pressure the DOH required the District to chlorinate to create a health barrier and protect human health. The chlorine remained on while the District repaired leaks, cleaned the reservoirs, installed an inner tie valve, changed water meters, and conducted cross-connection control surveys to decrease the risk of contamination.

The District received DOH support due to the improvements in the system. These improvements increase reliability and reduce risks. We ask that customer be patient as it will take time for the chlorine to dissipate. We also ask for continued support of our cross-connection control program. This includes completing the surveys and having your backflow device inspected annually by a certified contractor. The District will continue to make improvements to the water system with the goal of keeping the chlorine turned off.

If you have questions-please contact Tom Hastings at the District.

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