A Public Rate Hearing will be held at the regularly scheduled board meeting on April 22, 2024.

  • Propose reducing the capital reserve and capital reimbursement for single family customers.
  • Propose increasing the hydrant rate to align with commercial rates.  Also add a new fee for hydrant and/or fill station water being used by non-customers or being used outside the District.
  • Currently all customers are charged a minimum of 1.0 ERU.  For any home using 2.0 ERU’s or more they are charged by calculating the ERU x the fee.
  • Propose a change and stop the ERU calculation being based on usage and simply charge each single-family account for 1.0 ERU.   This will be for capital reserve and capital reimbursement. This will help lower the utility bill for full-time single-family homes that use more than 1.0 ERU per month.
  • Legal Notice April 2024 Rates
  • Rate Schedule Proposal April 2024
  • Apr 2024 Proposed Rate Sheet
  • Jan 2024-Apr 2024 Rate Sheet Comparison